Welcome to renderSnake

RenderSnake is a presentation library for creating HTML pages and components, all written in Java.

Its purpose is to support the creation of Web applications that are better maintainable, easier to reuse, have testable UI components and produce compact HTML in an efficient way.


  • Low memory, efficient HTML element writing
  • Promotes creation of reusable Renderable components
  • Fluent programming interface for elements and attributes
  • Low cost runtime structure validation
  • Easy unit-testable components
  • Component-scoped context variables
  • Component decoration using RenderableWrapper
  • Supports inclusion of external content such as HTML, Javascript and CSS snippets
  • Can integrate with standard JSP
  • Can integrate with Spring MVC
  • Can integrate with Google Guice


All renderSnake software is released as Open-source software under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


The project renderSnake is hosted on Google Code.
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